60 Years of Experience

The Gianplast s.r.l., despite being established in 2007, benefits from six decades of experience in the field of plastic materials, thanks to Mr. Giovanni De Falco, who initiated the business in the 1960s and later transferred it to his children Gianpaolo and Lucia, who have not disappointed their father’s expectations.

In fact, the advanced research of the company develops new technological solutions and the most appropriate responses to all phases, from processing to the creation of flexible packaging for food and disposable products, including Polypropylene Bags, Polyethylene, Shrink Wrap, Neutral and Printed PVC.

Quality control

A careful price-quality control, information – staff updatesimprovement of production techniques are part of the objectives that Gianplast s.r.l aims to ensure for its customers. All of this is synonymous with flexibility, just like the packaging that is precisely crafted based on the customer’s request and special needs. Certified with ISO 9001, committed to operating in compliance with environmental regulations, and ISO 45001 certification.

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